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Which to pick?

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Mr.Totem’s 1967 LS7 Camaro “Vengeance” 


With the Crow, a incredible 68.


The progression of video games in a few decades.

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"This Art I Bring You, Is More Street Than Banksy!"

#ARTLIFE: Art - Is An Expression, That Can Be Interpreted In Any Way That You See Or Perceive It To Be! As I Was Going Through Banksy’s #Classic Infamous Street Art Gallery, These Four Pictures Really Stood Out To Me. First Thing That Came To My Mind When I Saw Them Was, "If A Angel With Wings Is Still Going Through It, Who Am I To Feel As If I Am Exempted From Struggle!?" In Life, We All Go Through Hardships Of Many Situations, We All Have Ups & Downs & Struggles We Are Forced To Deal With On A Daily Basis. We Live In A Society Where Judging Is The Norm! So Sometimes We Are Quick To Change Our Ideas Or Decisions To Please Society. People Fail To Realize, Art Is Everything From The Way You Think, Speak, & What You Listen To, & No Authority Can Take That From You! If You Pay Attention To Every Detail People Dislike Like About You, You’re Truly Living Life For All The Wrong Reasons! Just Stay True To Yourself & Your MindState!….

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High Quality Blog



High Quality Blog

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Black people air bending now?
Bitch black excellence on another level.




McLaren P1 GTR | Source | MVMT | Facebook
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